Dressage scoring No. 16. What principles judges will be following? Are there any Guidelines?

November 16, 2017

What are the principles that judges will be follow when judging Young Horses Classes?

Besides the FEI Guidelines, the USEF and 5* Dressage Judge have developed very important and clear guidelines that are very useful and that, among other issues, emphasize that the following should be taken into consideration and that I quote as follows:

                          “Judge what you see, and forget what you may know about the past of a horse or rider 

  •   Score on the scale 0-10, remembering the words behind the marks. Hope to find “very good” and “excellent” horses, but be brave enough to be honest when a horse is marginal or insufficient for a career in dressage sport. 

  •   Do not over-penalize the joyfulness, curiosity, or insecurity of the young horse. 

  •   The athleticism, basic paces and general impression of the horse as a dressage prospect are judged. General Impression includes temperament, natural talent and conformation to become a high level dressage horse. 

  •   Overall performance is more important than the details of the test. This includes the cooperation with the rider, natural balance, willingness to perform, and willingness to collect. 

  •   Questions which guide the judging and scoring:
    •   Does the performance of the horse correspond to the general idea 
of a dressage horse? 

    •   Is the horse on the correct training path, following the training 

    •   Does the horse have the ability to perform Dressage at a high