BLOG No. 35. What are the applicable rules for the warm up at the FEI ring. 5 posts to follow. Today Maximum duration of warm-up

October 10, 2018

BLOG No. 35. What are the applicable rules for the warm up at the FEI ring.

Last week I was asked several questions about Rules for the warm up on the FEI ring. The conversation was so interesting that in the following blogs I will explore important items like: 1. Maximum duration of warm-up; 2. Does the walk period count? 3. What are the Rules for flexions and stretching? 4. What may happen if you warm up in a non designated area; 5. What can the steward do and say?


We all know that you can win or loose a competition if your warm up goes well and we should all follow this rules and cooperate with the Stewards that will be watching, in order  to ensure that everything goes according to the Rules, for the benefit of our horses and ultimately of the sport.


Today I will start with item No. 1 Maximum duration of warm-up. 


A correct warm up is obviously necessary in order to achieve good results in a competition and timing is of the essence. Since all horses are different and some may need some extra time, please be careful as to the limits on timing.


Therefore, please follow this rules:


  1. Only in exceptional circumstances and with the permission of the Chief Steward, may a training session exceed one hour.”
  2. The training session must include a number of relaxation periods.
  3. Riding the horse at the walk whether prior to, or following the training session, is not considered to be part of the one hour training session.
  4. There should be at least one hour break between any training/warm-up periods.
  5. Repetition movements carried out in the practice arena, following a rider’s performance in the competition arena, may not exceed a period of ten minutes.”