4* Judge


A native of Colombia, Cesar Torrente is an international dressage judge and an FEI level dressage competitor. He is the first judge to be promoted through the new FEI Judging System as an FEI  4* Judge. Cesar has had the honor of standing on medal podium to receive the team gold medal two times in the Central American Games. He is a corporate lawyer by profession.

Despite traveling the globe to judge worldwide, he maintains the precarious balance between his career and his passion for horses with apparent ease. He is known in the dressage world as a €œrider ™s judgeâ, because he knows what it is like to be in the judges box, as well as the sandbox we call the dressage ring. Best of all, Cesar exudes warmth and is most often found with a smile on his face.


  • As a 2* judge, Cesar Judged extensively in Colombia and in shows in Florida, Germany, Greece, Peru, Puerto Rico and Mexico.
  • In November 2012, Cesar successfully took his exam in Stuttgart Germany, to be promoted as a 3* judge. Since July 1 the first 2* judge promoted to 3* under the new Rules.
  • He first did shadow judgings and sit ins in Wellington, Compiegne and Saumur and then he traveled around the world to Korea for his first exam to become an FEI 2* Judge.


Cesar started judging on Colombian national shows since 1980, after a Dressage Judges Seminar with 5 times Olympic Judge Mr. Jaap Pot. With all that experience in judging, having

taken numerous Judges Seminar for decades and with his many years competing internationally at the FEI levels, in 2010, Cesar decided to start his international career as an FEI judge.