Dressage scoring  No. 18. What happens if I rider tries a movement twice?

November 18, 2017

Dressage scoring  No. 18.

If a rider starts a movement and finds problems, and therefore circles and tries the movement again: (i) Would he get a good mark for the good second attempt? (ii) Would he get a low mark for the first attempt; (iii) Would he get a penalty?; or (iv) the judge may find an average mark between the first and the second attempt?

Under the Rules, it is very clear that the rider is only allowed to have one attempt at any of the movements of the test.

Therefore, if he tries a movement and the movement does not go well, he is not allowed to circle in order to make a second attempt.

If the rider does this, he will be penalized an error of course and the judge can only take into consideration the score for the first attempt. No average mark is possible.