Dressage scoring No. 15. Fundamental and minor problems for FEI 6 years olds.

November 16, 2017

For FEI 6 years old Young Horses classes what are fundamental training problems and what are minor training problems?

Fundamental training problems that will lead to lower marks, are for example:

  • Loss of rhythm in trot, walk or canter, including counter canter or walk pirouettes.
  • Tension or not proper use of back
  • Contact issues, mouth open, tilted, tongue out
  • Lack of straightness
  • Unclear lateral bend in movements in 2 tracks
  • Flying changes late
  • Stiff hind legs, lacking energy and engagement

Minor mistakes for 6-year-old horses

  • Losing bend for short moment
  • Not precise riding
  • Halts not square
  • Flying change not at mark
  • Changes with minor lack of straightness