Dressage scoring explained by Cesar Torrente No. 7. QUESTIONS FOR FREESTYLES: Is there a time limit? When do I start timing?

November 7, 2017
  1. When do I start timing the music: When the music starts before entering the arena? when I enter the arena? or when I salute? At the beginning and end of a Freestyle Test a halt for the salute is compulsory. The test time will start after the rider moves forward after the halt and stops with the final salute. But remember that you have to enter the arena within twenty (20) seconds of the music starting.
  2. What is the time allowed in FEI freestyles for Ponies, Juniors, Young Riders, Intermediate 1, Intermediate A or B and Grand Prix?
  • For Ponies, Juniors, Young Riders and Intermediate 1: between 4’30’’ and 5’00’’
  • For Intermediate A and B: between 5’00’’ and 5’30’’
  • For Gran Prix:  between 5’30’’ and 6’00’