Dressage scoring explained by Cesar Torrente No. 11. The scoring of Piaffe in Int. A and B:

November 11, 2017

Question: May I be penalized if my piaffe is in place instead of advancing, as allowed in these tests?

 As a reminder, the Piaffe is a diagonal movement, with a lot of collection and elevated steps, giving the impression of remaining in place while the horse stays in perfect balance. The back must remain supple, the neck must be raised, with a supple poll that must be the highest point, allowing a soft and steady contact.

Therefore, if the quality is excellent even if the horse is advancing 2 meters you may get an excellent score.

And if the horse stays in the place and the quality remains excellent, you can also get an excellent score because the A and B tests state that the horse is “allowed” to advance 2 meters and they do not state that you “must” advance 2 meters.