Cesar Torrente Dressage Blog No. 24. Using voice or clicking the tongue repeatedly is back in the rules for 2018 as a fault? How it may affect your score?

December 9, 2017

In accordance with the new FEI Rule for 2018, “Using voice or clicking the tongue repeatedly, are considered faults, and two (2) points will be deducted per fault, but they are not cumulative and will not result in Elimination”.

Therefore please be careful because this may affect your score.

On the other hand, it would be important to discuss what happens when a judge hears or notices it and the other judge(s) don´t.

It would be interesting to hear comments about how to handle the situation?  Only the judge that notices it can mark it down? Should judges use the buttons that must now be on their booths for this purpose? Should the judges get together and discuss it? Interesting topic for discussion and probably guidelines.