To have a horse on the bit is not to bring the horses head down. It means many other things.

I believe that no other term in dressage has been the object of so many articles, videos, books and, of course controversy, as on the bit. In this short commentary,

Getting ready for exciting learning experience in Vegas World Cup.

Next week we will have a wonderful opportunity to see some of the best dressage horse riders combinations of the world. This time we will not have to travel to

Competition Level

As Carl Hester says “Always compete at the level below the one you are working on at home, so that you are able to cope at the competition where there

The importance of principles and basics for judging.

Last weekend reading Quotes of Dr. Reiner Klimke, I found the following: “In training we must be encouraged to first establish the principles and only then to tackle the details.”

Do helmets impact your scores in dressage competition?

Just finished judging a horse show in Ecuador and a rider asked me if I felt that wearing a helmet would make her look unprofessional and if that could lower

Yesterday Dressage Judge General Stephen Clarke (25 July 2013) issued the following guideline for the FEI Handbook:

If the walk is shown but is clearly lateral throughout, the mark of paces must be considered as only sufficient (five) at best or lower, depending on the quality of

Getting ready to go to judge a show in Ecuador.

They are selecting their team for the Bolivarian Games. I am looking forward to see old friends and to learn more about their level.

Cesar Torrente is The First FEI 2* Judge Promoted To FEI 3* Through New FEI System

Bogota, Colombia. Colombian National Champion dressage rider Cesar Torrente is to become the first FEI 2* Judge promoted to FEI 3* through the new, and very rigorous FEI system. Torrente