BLOG 30. Around the arena with bandages or whip or without gloves?

April 25, 2018

Since in the last blog we talked about the space around the arena but before entering at A, I was asked: A. If I enter this space with a whip or with boots on the Horse’s legs or without the appropriate dress, i.e. no gloves or hat, is that a cause for elimination? B. What happens if judges notice this only once the test has started? Elimination? Start again? Stop, fix and continue?

A. These cases “are considered faults, and two (2) points will be deducted per fault, but they are not cumulative and will not result in Elimination (including for Freestyle tests)

B. If the riders has already entered at A and has done some movements and the judge only notices the discrepancy afterwards, the Judge at C must stop the rider “…and if needed and possible, an assistant may enter the arena to remove the item(s). The Athlete then continues the test, either starting from the beginning (from the inside of the fence) or from the movement where he was stopped. The marks given before he was stopped are not changed